Видео свједочење: Надир и Фата Делић, преживјели Роми из Јасеновца


A respected Mount Kozara historian interested in the tragic destiny of the children of non-Croat descent in the ISC concluded that the Ustasha killed 216 children who lived in a small Roma village of Mokrice. According to other witnesses, the total number of people taken from the villages of Mokrice and Žeravice to the Stara Gradiška Ustasha camp was 700. Most of them were killed immediately upon arrival to the camp. The death was cruel. Their heads were crushed with mallets, and the bodies thrown into the waters of the Strug canal. Fata and Nadir Delić were among the imprisoned but managed to survive. When we met them in the village of Jasenovac in April 2010 they were the only Roma witnesses to the extermination of the nearly entire population who lived on the Independent State of Croatia territory.

English rendition of the interview, paraphrased and abridged:

As a Gypsy, from Potkozarie, from Bosanska Gradiska area, I… survived genocide and Ustashas’ crimes against Roma and Roma children… To my wife Fata, they killed 117 members of her extended family. It is all written here, at Natasha’s [the director of Jasenovac Museum], all the names and surnames, and my survivor testimony is videotaped and deposed here.
If there had not been the Kozara partisans, I and my Fata would not be alive today. Partisans, and Milan Kachavenda rescued 11 Gypsy families, from the the village Mokrice-Žeravice.

…I was there for four months. I saw when they murdered my grandmother…the entire family was driven away to logor (concentration camp). My uncle was in the army…they killed my grandmother… I saw the blood around her neck, it was like a necklace made of the red-corn kernels, I was looking at her, but I did not understand that she was dead… There was one Orthodox church. And, from that church they transported us by truck to logor. When I arrived there, I saw some children laying down. All of them with…wide open eyes…[they were all dead.] Later, my uncle first rescued his sister’s daughter from the camp, then he came to save me. He also found one of my brothers… I needed a permit to cross the river. One Folksdeutcher give the permit to me, as Grandma once worked for him. He was now working in the police, so he gave me the permit to pass the river. When I arrived to the other side of the Sava, there was Milan Kačavenda, a partisan commander, waiting for me. And so the partisans took us in…

Nadir :
I am an Orthodox Christian, too. I am registered as a Serb in Croatia, I must tell you. I am from mixed marriage. My mother was a Gypsy, a Romani woman, but my father was Orthodox Serbian, and I am here [in Croatia] you can imagine, I am here totally discriminated. I was a witness in Artuković trial, and they are constantly messing with me, because of it.

They killed 117 siblings and relatives of my wife, all their names… are in the Museum, they are Beganovics and Halilovics… And of my wider family, there were killed 81 member. My video-taped testimony is over there [in the Museum] my story is over there. You know what? A Moslem called Cetina slaughtered my uncle. My sister was killed here with her three children, as were 81 of my relatives from mother’s and father’s side. And 171 relatives of my wife. All their names and surnames are written in the Museum…