Видео свједочење: Ана Вулетић-Милосављевић, село Драговић (Пакрац)

Ana Vuletić – Milosavljević, a daughter of Nikola and Draga Vuletić,  was born in late October of 1936, in the village Dragović, near Pakrac, Croatia. The Ustashas slaughtered her father Nikola and her sister Milica, 10 year old, in a forest near Dragović in 1942. Her brother Stevan, born in 1925, was burned together with a large group of male civilians in the Church of Kusonje village. As  a five year old girl, she was taken to Jasenovac –Stara Gradiška Ustashas’ camp, together with her mother Draga, her brothers Luka (born in 1933) and Jovan (born in 1939). Her mother was sent to Germany soon, but the children stayed there from August 13,  to November 30, 1942, under terrible conditions. Her younger brother died in Zagreb Deaf Institute.  She was given to foster family in the village Budakovac near Suhopolje. Her mother escaped from Germany in the autumn of 1944 and found family destroyed and dispersed. She found Ana as a girl barely recognizing her own mother, but practicing Catholic rites and speaking Hungarian language. The mother was safe only with Partisans, but her health was already severely damaged and she died in January of 1945. Ana lived in state orphanages till 1955. She lives now in Belgrade as retired expert in finance.